Friday, July 30, 2010

You Know It's Bad When...

...You wake up feeling tired, drink some very caffeinated coffee, then still feel tired all day. Atleast until it's nine o'clock you jump in bed and helloooo insomnia.

...You're so bored, you clean the house.

...You spend all day wondering why no one has texted you. You get a text, get so excited and worked up to find out it's just a tweet from someone who isn't even following you.

...You pretty much force the guy you like into telling you he loves you, and then you don't say it back. That one is terrible for his self esteem!

...You complain for hours about Disney Channel, but in the long run you know every single detail that happens on every show.

...You enter for a number of freebies, and hope to God you get one. Just for the satisfaction of winning.

...You get free things ordered to your house, so you finally have some mail. I just did that with Kotex pads.

...You do something (like vaccum!) with out being told and your 'rents act like Hell has frozen over.

...You are so bored, you decided to blog about this.


  1. That is so true about cleaning the house (or, in my case, my room).

    I'm still not bored enough to do *that*, though.

    -French Bean

  2. Lol, yeah i once fried myself an egg(usually, I ask someone else to do it). And my uncle was like "Wow, jojo." He was exptremely shocked. Ha. I only did it because it was food. :)
    PS: Nice blog! I'm soo following you. Feel free to follow me too. :}