Friday, June 18, 2010

The Power of the Internet.

Thanks to the power of the Internet (hint: the title.) I've come up with something to write about. I guess I'm having some writers block...Or maybe I was just never good at writing. Who knows? Anyways, I decided to look up blogging idea's. Most of them were older for me, and talked about adult stuff I need a better understanding for. But on that website, I found some more young adult friendly.
Ex: Number 22 and 23. Number 22 is about your first kiss, and number 23 is about your worst kiss. There's probably a lot on this topic I could talk about, but not from experience. When it comes to kissing ( and by kissing I'm not talking about pecks, because honestly I've gone farther with my four year old cousin...don't ask...) my first kiss...was also my worst. I'm not going into details, but long story short, I laughed....a lot. (My first kiss was also my last so far...a real pity.Unless you count my four year old cousin, but i don't count it, so you shouldn't.)
But my point is you never get your movie perfect kiss, most peoples first kiss, is also their worst. So like number 55 on that blogging list, which is called The Only Thing I Can Teach You, is don't get so upset over a kiss. (That was totally tacky, but I had too.)

Friday, June 4, 2010


I know this girl. Well, I don't really know her but she added me on FaceBook. Anyways, I guess she's likes this boy, and they are "going out." But to be honest, I talk to the guy she's "dating" and he has told me he is scared of her.
He also thinks she's a creepy stalker. She post things like "I love him he rocks!" He posts things more along the lines of "Loving being single. Not dating anyone. Especially _____ (enter name here.)"
I almost want to feel bad, but then again I really don't. She's pretty scary. We talk sometimes like the other day she asked if I'd talked to him, and I had so I said "Mhm!" and asked if he was ignoring her. She said "I hope not." Honestly Hun, he's not interested.
Saddly, I wonder how many teenage girls are actually like this? Obviously Blondie( One Way or Another.) and Ke$ha (Stephan.) Lol! Get it? It's funny! No...? Oh well.
She should back up, far far away.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 10 Slangiest Slang Words.

This is going to be a list of what I think the most slangiest slang words are.

10. Dude- Dude can be used in any sentence, or as a sentence itself! Downfall is that it gets old fast.

9. Beast- Honestly, I never use this slang. It's usually used in a sentence like this "Man! That's so beast. Those are the most beast slippers I've ever seen!" But it's catchy, and once you hear it once it's always stuck in your head.

8. Fresh- Like those veggies in the super market. "Woah! That's fresh."

7. Bogus- Perfect word for describing bad things. "Dude! I can't believe you fell down a flight of stairs. It was totally bogus!"

6. Sick- Sick is an awesome slang word, because it can be a good word. Or a bad word. "Oh man, you got dumped. That's sick." OR! "Ohmigod! You nailed an ollie, how sick!"

5. Homie, Pimp, Dawg- There are the most common for more gangster types of people, or major wanna be's. They are all under number five because they pretty much mean the same thing. "EY! Homie!(Pimp, Dawg.) Sup?"

4. Like- This word may not even be considered slang, since it doesn't actually describe anything. But it can be used in ANY sentence "Mom, can you like pass the potatoes?" OR "Will you like go out with me?" OR "What do you like want to do today?" OR...nvm, that's enough examples.

3. Epic- I for one use epic a lot. It's just so useful. To me it just explains everything. "Those new nikes little Tommy has, are totally epic."

2. Dope- Simply said. It's a saying something is cool, or it's a drug.

1. Chill- "Let's chill." It takes the cake.

What's your favorite slang word to use? Leave a comment telling me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

all things bloggy.

First of all, as of my last blog I was phone less, but my momma and I went to Sprint. So now I've got a phone again. (Yay!) All my past FaceBook status's have been something along the lines of "New phone. Text me!" And I can't say I expected my most recent ex (we just broke up on Friday!) to text me, I was not disappointed but still. It was awkward at first. I was like what the heck am I supposed to reply to this with? So I went with the ever practical "Hey!" We've been texting all day now too. Honestly, what is this supposed to mean?! He wants to be friends? Sure, that'd be great. But I plan to move back to Hannibal (and my moving away was the main reason we broke up...I think) so wouldn't that open the door to getting back together? Do I want to get back together with him? The answer to that is duh. Of course I would! But maybe I wouldn't...It all depends, doesn't it? I hope he texts me tomorrow, kinda. I don't even know! This stuff is so confusing. Yesterday my mom said "Guys are dinks! I think I'll be a lesbian, at least I'll know what is going on in their head!" Strange to think about, you will never know what goes on in someone else's mind. (only Edward Cullen has that power.) I bet if mind reading was real the world would be a scary place...If it isn't already, with global warming and the rate of inflation. Actually global warming isn't that big of a deal, the rate it's melting the sun will have blown up by the time it causes a major threat! Now any enviormentalists out there don't shoot me in the head because I said. I'm still totally Eco.