Friday, June 18, 2010

The Power of the Internet.

Thanks to the power of the Internet (hint: the title.) I've come up with something to write about. I guess I'm having some writers block...Or maybe I was just never good at writing. Who knows? Anyways, I decided to look up blogging idea's. Most of them were older for me, and talked about adult stuff I need a better understanding for. But on that website, I found some more young adult friendly.
Ex: Number 22 and 23. Number 22 is about your first kiss, and number 23 is about your worst kiss. There's probably a lot on this topic I could talk about, but not from experience. When it comes to kissing ( and by kissing I'm not talking about pecks, because honestly I've gone farther with my four year old cousin...don't ask...) my first kiss...was also my worst. I'm not going into details, but long story short, I laughed....a lot. (My first kiss was also my last so far...a real pity.Unless you count my four year old cousin, but i don't count it, so you shouldn't.)
But my point is you never get your movie perfect kiss, most peoples first kiss, is also their worst. So like number 55 on that blogging list, which is called The Only Thing I Can Teach You, is don't get so upset over a kiss. (That was totally tacky, but I had too.)

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