Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 10 Slangiest Slang Words.

This is going to be a list of what I think the most slangiest slang words are.

10. Dude- Dude can be used in any sentence, or as a sentence itself! Downfall is that it gets old fast.

9. Beast- Honestly, I never use this slang. It's usually used in a sentence like this "Man! That's so beast. Those are the most beast slippers I've ever seen!" But it's catchy, and once you hear it once it's always stuck in your head.

8. Fresh- Like those veggies in the super market. "Woah! That's fresh."

7. Bogus- Perfect word for describing bad things. "Dude! I can't believe you fell down a flight of stairs. It was totally bogus!"

6. Sick- Sick is an awesome slang word, because it can be a good word. Or a bad word. "Oh man, you got dumped. That's sick." OR! "Ohmigod! You nailed an ollie, how sick!"

5. Homie, Pimp, Dawg- There are the most common for more gangster types of people, or major wanna be's. They are all under number five because they pretty much mean the same thing. "EY! Homie!(Pimp, Dawg.) Sup?"

4. Like- This word may not even be considered slang, since it doesn't actually describe anything. But it can be used in ANY sentence "Mom, can you like pass the potatoes?" OR "Will you like go out with me?" OR "What do you like want to do today?" OR...nvm, that's enough examples.

3. Epic- I for one use epic a lot. It's just so useful. To me it just explains everything. "Those new nikes little Tommy has, are totally epic."

2. Dope- Simply said. It's a saying something is cool, or it's a drug.

1. Chill- "Let's chill." It takes the cake.

What's your favorite slang word to use? Leave a comment telling me!

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