Friday, June 4, 2010


I know this girl. Well, I don't really know her but she added me on FaceBook. Anyways, I guess she's likes this boy, and they are "going out." But to be honest, I talk to the guy she's "dating" and he has told me he is scared of her.
He also thinks she's a creepy stalker. She post things like "I love him he rocks!" He posts things more along the lines of "Loving being single. Not dating anyone. Especially _____ (enter name here.)"
I almost want to feel bad, but then again I really don't. She's pretty scary. We talk sometimes like the other day she asked if I'd talked to him, and I had so I said "Mhm!" and asked if he was ignoring her. She said "I hope not." Honestly Hun, he's not interested.
Saddly, I wonder how many teenage girls are actually like this? Obviously Blondie( One Way or Another.) and Ke$ha (Stephan.) Lol! Get it? It's funny! No...? Oh well.
She should back up, far far away.

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