Monday, May 31, 2010

lice among children and teenagers, and adults, and elderly.

this blog is probably really gross for a second blog. because who wants to read about lice? (aliens probably...they want to know all about this hair hiding bug thing.) honestly what is lice anyway? let's see what wikipidia thinks lice is. 'Lice (singular: louse) is the common name for over 3000 species of wingless insects of the order Phthiraptera; three of which are classified as human disease agents. They are obligate ectoparasites of every avian and mammalian order except for Monotremes (the platypus and echidnas), bats, whales, dolphins, porpoises and pangolins.' a couple too many big words in that definition for me to understand, so let's see what urban dictionary says it is! 'A weird bug thingy that can lay eggs in your hair.' urban dictionary is so intense, i love their definition compared to wikipidia. anyways, you may be wondering "why lice?" well, the answer to that is... " an unknown source told me that an unknown source has lice. and it got me thinking about lice. and how one of my goals in life is to never get lice. did you know lice doesn't have to be in dirty hair? it can be in clean hair too! i learned that from an episode of ginger, you know that show on nick? i guess i'd rather have lice than breast cancer or something. and i wasn't kidding earlier about my goal to never get lice, i don't think that's the hottest thing ever.
Me: "yes husband of nine years, i have lice."
Husband: "eyuw really?"
Me: "yes, the doctors told me today."
Husband: " i think we should get a divorce."
to be honest, if my husband (future husband) leaves me over lice, he's not worth my time anyway. well, i can't think of anything else about lice so this is the end.


  1. I saw that episode!! Ok maybe I shouldn't have said that...

  2. lol! this is so late in response, but i'm glad someone knew the episode.